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      • The Society is set up by alumni of Oxford and Cambridge Universities with the aim of providing a platform for our Members to: continue their education, offer their skills and expertise to other alumni and the wider community, to network with each other and have fun. We regularly organise smaller-scale academic, social, cultural, and sporting get-togethers, as well as larger and more formal yearly events. In additon, the Society uses its communication channels to share news, ideas and events of general interest to our Members. We currently have branches in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

      • All our activities are planned, coordinated, and organised by a group of friendly and dedicated volunteers comprising the Executive Committee. Current Officers of the Society are:

        • Nikola Vukovic

          Nikola Vukovic, President, Cambridge Rep.

        • Amelia Herridge Ishak

          Amelia Herridge Ishak, Secretary, Treasurer

        • Louise Parker

          Louise Parker, Events and Membership Officer

        • Maria Witek

          Johan Greve Petersen, Oxford Uni Representative

        If you are interested in joining the Committee and/or helping organise new events, please get in touch. We always welcome new ideas and suggestions.

      • The Society is goverened by our Constitution, which lays out our Aims and Objectives, the structure and running of the Society, as well as stipulations regarding Membership, Voting, and Finances. You can download the most recent version of this document here.

Membership Q&A

Membership of the Society is open to all alumni, graduates, and current students of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, as well as associated faculty.

  • What do I get as a Member?

    Joining the Society is a great way to meet interesting people - your fellow Oxonians and Cantabrigians. You will gain priority access to our social and academic events, and other formal and informal get-togethers. Moreover, we provide a hub connecting Members with professionals, organisations, and industry locally and abroad.

  • Who can become a Member?

    Anyone who has matriculated at Oxford or Cambridge University and who lives in Denmark is automatically eligible to become a member of the Society. Those with a strong connection to the two Universities, for example those who have been a tutor, lecturer, or visiting fellow, are also eligible to become members.

  • How to keep informed as a Non-Member?

    Non-Members can keep up-to-date with our activities on this website, our Facebook Group, as well as by signing up for our Mailing List. If you are a prospective student from Denmark going to study at Cambridge or Oxford - you are more than welcome to get in touch with us for information and peer support!

  • How can I support the Society?

    The Society kindly welcomes support by patrons and benefactors. As a volunteer-run non-profit society, we welcome any and all contributions. If you are interested in helping us remain one of the most vibrant Oxbridge alumni groups in Denmark, our Treasurer will be more than happy to hear from you.

  • How much does Membership cost?

    At the moment, membership is Free! Just make sure to scroll down and enter your details for the mailing list.

  • Who do I contact if I have further questions?

    If you have additional questions about becoming a Member, our events, or getting involved in running the Society, please send us an email.

Keeping in touch

Feel free to email us any questions, or find us on Facebook. If you would like to join the Society, please see the Membership page

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We occassionally send a Newsletter about the Society's social and academic events, including our monthly pub nights in Copenhagen and Aarhus, as well as external Oxford- and Cambridge-related news and events.